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Marathi Movie Tukaram (2012) Story, Review, Cast

Movie: Tukaram (2012)
Genre: Period
Director: Chandrakant Kulkarni
Producer: Sanjay Chhabria
Cast: Jitendra Joshi, Radhika Apte, Veena Jaamkar, Sharad Ponkshe, Prateeksha Lonkar and Yatin Karyekar
Music Director: Ashok Patki and Avdhoot Gupte
Singers: Aniruddha Joshi, Dynaneshwar Meshram, Jhannavee Prabhu Arora, Avdhoot Gupte, Padmanabh Gaikwad
Release Date: May 2012


Tukaram was born in 1608, in the small village of Dehu in the West Indian state of Maharashtra to Bolhoba and Kanakai a couple belonging to the lower Sudra class. Due to the death of his father, Tukaram had to start supporting his family at the tender age of thirteen. Shortly thereafter, his mother died. Tukaram was married twice. His second wife Jijabai or Avali nagged him continuously. He had three sons.

His abhangs became very popular with the common people. It was this very popularity that caused the high caste Brahmins to hate Tukaram. Tukaram composed over 5,000 abhangs which he was forced to throw in the local river Indrayani.

Tukaram’s reputation eventually reached to prince Shivaji. He sent a offer of writing his biography which Tukaram politely refused. There is a controvercy regarding the death of Sant Tukaram as he vanished witout a trace. Some modern writers speculate on the possibility that Tukaram could have been murdered.

Movie Review:
The film portrays many aspects of Tukaram’s life that begin with his childhood, his family and the various situations they underwent, the women in his life their impressions upon him and the socio political situations that stifled the common man. Sant Tukaram played by Jeetendra Joshi. Tukaram's parents Bolhoba & Kankaee were played by Sharad Ponkshe & Prateeksha Lonkar respectively. Tukaram the film is a journey that takes you into the life of a man who became a saint.

Marathi Film Tukaram Trailer (First Look)

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Marathi Movie Tukaram (2012) Story, Review, Cast Reviewed by Marathi Celebs on March 24, 2012 Rating: 5

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  1. gr8 movie very well acted,very well directed.must watch


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