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'Aarohi Gosht Tighanchi' Marathi Movie

Movie: Aarohi.. Gosht Tighanchi (2012)
Genre: Drama/Realistic
Director: Pramod Joshi
Screen play: Amruta Rao
Producer: Amruta Rao ( Shree Satya Sai Movies)
Music: Pravin Joshi / Sudhir Moghe
Cast: Mrunal Kulkarni, Ketaki Mategavkar, Kiran Karmarkar and Resham Tipnis
Release Date: 20 April 2012

Story / Plot:
Bhargavi (Ketaki Mategaonkar) is a lovable daughter of Mandar (Kiran Karmarkar) and Sneha (Mrinal Kulkarni). Mandar is a software engineer and very well settled in his IT job while Sneha is a dedicated housewife. Three of them are living a very happy family life.

Bhargavi, a talented child artist, wins a singing competition of a renowned television channel. And becomes the darling of the media. Mandar, a practical person by nature sees the opportunity created by this new found fame and encourages Bhargavi to go for it. Bhargavi becomes a little shining star of the city. Sneha, who is more grounded, always tries to make sure that Bhargavi isn’t driven away by this success.

When everything is going well, all of a sudden two calamities strike.. Firstly, a recession wave strikes the software industry very badly and Mandar’s company gets badly affected by it and the secondly, one day Bhargavi collapses during the recording of her music album. She is immediately taken to the hospital and she is diagnosed with Hemiplegia , a form of a paralysis and the doctor diagnoses that the left side of her body is affected deeply by it. But at the same time the doctor tells Mandar and Sneha that hemiplegia is curable provided the patient gets the correct treatment and support from the family members.

Now Mandar , Sneha and Bhargavi have a huge hurdle to overcome. Mandar is under a lot of stress due the practical problems in his career and this tension starts reflecting in his behavior.  Unfortunately this is the time for Bhargavi to get the complete support of Mandar and Sneha.

How three of them face these challenges and emerge as winners, forms the story of Aarohi.. gosht tighanchi


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'Aarohi Gosht Tighanchi' Marathi Movie Reviewed by Marathi Celebs on April 20, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Ketaki have a very good voice...,she sings very well, bt i'm surprising by seeing her doing the acting, and she also acts very very good...kaksparsh n shala are fantastic.......,
    i have been watching her,when she was in the marathi singing reality show "Sa re ga ma pa"
    ALL THE BEST for next projects....!:)

  2. ketki tu mla khup avdtes. Mla as vishwas ahe ki tu mla ayushyat nkki bhetsil

  3. केतकी. मी तुला टाइमपास अगोदर कधीच पाहिले नव्हते but
    तुला मी live पाहिले आणि मला प्रेम झाले
    I LOVE U

  4. Ketki ,Nice acting tani & timepass movies.


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