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Amruta Khanvilkar In Her Own Words

Hiii, I am Amruta Khanvilkar. I was born in Mumbai. We stayed in a joint family. But in 1994 my father had to shift to Pune for business. I started working at a very early stage. Immediately after my SSC board examination, I took up odd jobs in shops as I wanted to contribute to my family. Once, I happened to meet photographer Atul Shidhaye and he called me to his studio. He did a photo shoot with me and gave me a few contacts of coordinators. I got a few small ads post that. When the auditions for a reality show were being conducted by a very reputed channel, I tried my luck and won from Pune. My next step was Mumbai.

In Mumbai, we were trained by people like Ganesh Acharya, Ahmad Khan, Mahesh Manjrekar and many others for about three months. Moving to Mumbai was difficult as survival was a major concern. I was not from a very well-to-do family. I was offered 670 a day for a Marathi serial which never happened. Soon I got an offer from Ken Ghosh to do a Hindi television serial Ada. I was going to earn 5000 per day and that was like a big thing for me. The rent of my one-room-kitchen flat was 5000. Later I got an opportunity to do another television serial Time Bomb with Ketan Mehta. I even anchored a Bollywood show on a music channel for about two years. I put in my 100% to learn everything. People did laugh at my vernacular accent back then.

Today, there are some in the Marathi industry who comment on your Marathi.
That is really ironical. While I was doing Hindi, people there laughed at me because I couldn't speak Hindi and English properly. Today, people from the Marathi industry laugh at me saying that I speak Marathi in English. Come on now! I think I speak Marathi well.

I value work. I had decided for myself that I will never say no to work. Saying yes to Vajale Ki Bara was the best decision of my life. Even today, though I've performed live over 100 times, the crowd still asks for an encore. I am overwhelmed with that love. I was very passionate about dancing since childhood. This made me do the dance numbers I did for films. However, I have started making decisions more wisely without getting carried away now. I refused about 22 offers to do lavani. My focus now is on performance-oriented roles.

I don't regret any of my decisions. But yes, I feel that I should have planned my career well in Bollywood. But then again I did not have any guidance. There was no one to tell me the dos and don'ts. Today when girls enter Bollywood, they have a plan. They have people planning their career for them. I was just overwhelmed to bag a Ram Gopal Varma film immediately after my first Marathi film Golmaal. It seemed like a very good opportunity then. But the film didn't work. I later did films like Phoonk, Contract and Mumbai Salsa.

This industry has given me recognition and stardom. In some places in Maharashtra, we have more fans than Bollywood stars. I am definitely not satisfied with my work. It is a learning process and I am in no hurry. I want to keep doing different work. There are girls who entered the industry after me and have overtaken me so far as career is concerned but I have no complaints as I am happy in my space.

As a person, I am very outspoken and honest. I haven't got anything to hide. If I say something, I stand by that. I am more mature today. I don't have airs about anything. I go for auditions even today. Many of my colleagues and friends say that I should stop this as I am a star now. But who am I to decide whether or not I am a star? Let people decide. My only focus is to do good work. I have been auditioning with Vidhu Vinod Chopra for the past three years. I never got selected but I haven't stopped trying. If I get to know about a new interesting project, I go for auditions. I have given about 100 auditions and have never got a call back. It disturbed me initially, but I didn't lose heart. I worked harder. I have read biographies of people like Aamir Khan. Their life has inspired me.
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  1. Your story do inspire Amruta....
    Your work in Phoonk was good. I am sure your will get better roles in near future.
    Wish you all the best.

  2. I do appreciate your work in films like phoonk, golmaal. but that was 4 to 5 years back. you have completed almost 8 years in the film industry so carry on what you are doing now u will get good role in marathi films than bollywood so do not think and keep trying


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