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I Am In A Relationship - Sujay Dahake

'Shala' director Sujay Dahake, 28, is passionate about movie making. In an exclusive chat with, Sujay talks about his new movie 'Ajoba', launching Urmila Matonadkar in Marathi, his love life, his pet dog 'drama' and his other interests. Excerpts:

Q: Tell us about your film 'Ajoba'.
A: The plot of the film 'Ajoba' is inspired by real life story of a leopard named 'Ajoba' and his 120 km journey from Malshej ghat to Mumbai in 29 days. Ajoba will release in October 2013.

Q: Why did you choose to make film on unconventional subject?
A: Its a very unconventional topic and its really hard to turn this topic into screenplay. But I am sure that common man can relate with this movie and enjoy the film.

Q: Your first movie 'Shala' is platonic love story.
A: I want to do something very different from 'Shala'. I want to be experimental. I have given different treatment to 'Ajoba', the camera and sound work are also very different.

Q: There were no songs in 'Shala', what about music in 'Ajoba'?
A: There are no songs in Ajoba. Though there is one Vaghya-Murali folk. This songs was sung by tribals on location and not in studio and nobody compose it or write it.

Q: Can't you consider music as a vital marketing tool to promote movie?
A: You have to consider the subject. There is no scope for songs in this movie. I am making wildlife film and I can't put song for the sake of it.

Q: What strategy you are adopting for marketing of your movie 'Ajoba'?
A: We have four months to release the movie. We are planning to launch 'Ajoba' video game. Urmila Matonadkar in not yet roped in for marketing. But in last two months we will exclusively market the movie with the help of Urmila Matondkar. I want to reach to rural audience with Ajoba.

Q: Why Urmila? Is it a marketing move?
A: No. I want a Hindi character for Ajoba as it is written for Hindi speaking girl. Urmila fits the role.

Q: Whats your take on boldness in Marathi movie? Does 'Ajoba' have any such moments?
A: My subject for Ajoba is wildlife conservation. Its a adventure movie, so there is no scope for boldness or sensual moments in Ajoba. 

Q: How important is commercial success to you?
A: Money recovery is more important to me than commercial success.

Q: Please share your style of film making.
A: I want to sketch the film along with script before I start shooting. Where as in case of Ajoba, it is not possible as Ajoba is a documentary type movie.

Q: Tell us about your childhood.
A: I was in boarding in Panhala and then sifted to Pune. I stay with my parents and younger brother. My dad is an Engineer and mother is housewife. My brother is currently doing research in wildlife conservation.

Q: You are very open about your love life on social networking site.
A: Yes. I am in relationship with Purwa Pawar.

Q: Whats your other interests apart from film making?
A: I have a pet dog named 'Drama' and I spend most time training him. I love gardening. I also love cooking.

Q: Which movies do you like or get inspired by?
A: Lots. There is Lagaan, Gangs of Wassepur, Masoom, Shri 420, Awara. I am a big fan of Raj Kapoor.

Q: Raj Kapoor was director as well as actor. Do you have any such plan? Do you want to act?
A: No. Not yet. I do admit that photogenic face. But I dont know whether I can act or not. Secondly someone actually has to put his money on my acting, then only this will happen.

Q: Any plan to shift to Mumbai in near future?
A: I tried once but I don't think it is possible. Why should I shift if I can make movies from Pune also.

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