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Actress Mukta Barve Turns Producer With Marathi Play Chapa-Kata

Natak: Chhapa Kaata (2013)
Director: Sameer Vidwans
Duration: 120 mins
Cast: Reema, Mukta Barve, Ashish Kulkarni
Story: Iravati Krnik
Music: Narendra Bhide
Costumes: Aparna Guram
Producer: Dinesh Pednekar, Mukta Barve
Language: Marathi
Rating: ★★★★

34-year-old actress Mukta Barve will turn producer with a Marathi play titled 'Chapa-Kata'. Apparently she liked the subject so much that she decided to co-produce 'Chapa Kata' along with Dinesh Pednekar.

Story / Plot
Uttara's (Reema Lagoo) character is that of an ailing and manipulative old woman who wants undivided attention from her daughter Maitreyi (Mukta Barve). On her part, Maitreyi, who runs a boutique to support the family, lives a life where she has suppressed all her desires to be able to take care of her mother. When Asim (Ashish Kulkarni) comes into Maitreyi's life, she decides to marry him but her mother has other plans.

When Maitreyi's mother suffers a stroke, she chooses to stay with her but little does she know of her mother's manipulative side. What follows is how Maitreyi deals with everything and finally makes peace with her mother.
Actress Mukta Barve Turns Producer With Marathi Play Chapa-Kata Reviewed by Marathi Celebs on November 05, 2013 Rating: 5

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