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Mangalashtak Once More Review

Plot: Is setting a loved one free the proof of your love or is controlling and caring about their every action love? Or is a loved one simply a habit who you take for granted? Mangalashtak Once More delves into this aspect with fun, emotion and sensitivity.

Review: Aarti ( Mukta Barve) and Satyajit Pathak ( Swwapnil Joshi), a married couple, are living the good life. They have all the material comforts and life seems rocking for the duo. However, there is a sort of routine that has set into their lives that has been captured wonderfully by the director Sameer Joshi.

And the routine has been chalked out in a suffocating and meticulous manner by Aarti. So much so that even an impromptu two-day Goa trip that Satya plans, to get rid of this drudgery, sees Aarti packing and planning like it's a month-long vacation! The tension builds up and one fine day Satya crosses his threshold of patience and the couple has a fight. Aarti leaves the home, albeit grudgingly, and begins the real movie. Will they reconcile? Will ego issues ruin their romance? Or will absence make the heart grow fonder?

Mangalashtak Once More touches on all these issues, but with humour and sensitivity. Thankfully, no preaching here, which if indulged in could have made watching the proceedings a drag. However, by relying on the couple's crackling chemistry to do the job of conveying hurt, anger and love, the director has hit the bulls eye. While Swwapnil as the irritated, bogged down hubby has put in a good and earnest act, Mukta too excels with her comic timing and dialogue delivery.

Watch her transform from the cool girlfriend, to the over dependent wife to an endearingly shy, but determined working girl. She is plain awesome. Together, the couple looks so good that when apart the audience roots for them to get back together. And that's where the success of the film lies. Kadambari Kadam as Mukta's practical sister and Sai as the tough boss with a heart of gold also pitch in good performances, making this film worth a watch.

Mangalashtak Once More Review Reviewed by Marathi Celebs on November 24, 2013 Rating: 5

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