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Mugdha Chitnis - A Yesteryear Actress

Mughdha Chitnis, a Marathi actress worked in only one movie called "Majha Ghar Majha Sansaar (1986)" with Ajinkya Dev. Mugdha Chitnis looks fabulous in the song 'Drusta lagnya joge sare'.

We at, tried to find out any information about her. But we got to know that she is no more in this world and it happened because of Cancer that she had.

The actress name after marriage was Mugdha Umesh Ghodke.

Mugdha Chitnis was diagnosed with breast cancer on December 5th, 1994. She is 30 years old at that time and had five year old daughter, Isha. The biopsy detects a tumor on the right breast.

Mugdha was born on February 18, 1965. Mugdha died on April 10, 1996 at 31 years old.

Mugdha Ghodke (formerly Mugdha Chitnis), is a professional storyteller and has performed hundreds of storytelling (kathakathan) programs not only  in India, but also in some cities of U.S. and Canada.  She has also acted in one Marathi film 'Maze Ghar Maza Sansar'  directed by Dattaji. Her book narrating her experiences in storytelling programs is one of a kind. She has performed many programs on All India Radio at Bombay and was interviewed on Bombay TV and Vision of Asia in NY on number of occasions. Mugdha's  friends know her as a very joyous, lively, and kind hearted person.


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  1. I knew Mugdha through some family friends. She was sweet, well tempered, extremely kind hearted lady.

    This is really unfortunate that such wonderful person dies in such an early age leaving behind a wonderful family. Unfortunate, indeed.

  2. AnonymousJuly 30, 2014

    I was really fascinated with the role she performed in the movie maja ghar majha sansar, it's my most favorite movie. Since so many days I was trying to search about mugdhas other movie but today I came to know about this tragic fact....

    1. Hi , i watched her only marathi movie and was looking for more information about her , her name and all.
      But really shocked to hear about her sudden death.
      Really sweet looking girl.

    2. Hi want know everything abt mugdha.. i am eager to knw everything abt her background. She was really nice. If any one of her frnd is over here then plz drop msg over here. Plz

  3. I was so impress by Mugdha and her voice till today I watch her movie Maza Ghar Maza sansar and my favourite song is Drushta Lagnya Joge sare gaalbot hi kuthe nase. I am so sad when I came to know about her demise only last month when I wanted to find out more about her through the internet. Really why God takes such talented people from us so early. The name Nayan suited her very well in the above movie actually that was Rima Lagoo's name before marriage . I will always miss Mugdha May her soul rest in peace.


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