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1909 Marathi Movie

Movie: 1909 (2014)
Genre: History
Produced By: Shree Venkateshwara Movies International
Starring: Akshay Shimpi, Rohan Pednekar, Shrikant Bhide, Shrinivas Joshi, Shubhankar Ekbote, Chetan Sharma, Amit Vaze
Directed By: Abhay Kambli
Written By: Abhay Kambli
Screenplay By: Abhay Kambli
Release Date: 10th January 2014

1909 - a Marathi movie based on freedom fighter ANANT LAXAMAN KANHERE ,who killed British collector Jackson.

Freedom struggle of India has witnessed scores of youth staking their lives for the noble goal they cherished. While many among them boldly faced brutal charge of the sticks by police many others welcomed merciless firing of bullets shot by the colonial rulers. Many a young brave-hearts were hanged till death. Even a mere utterance of their names arouses an inspiring spirit of courage.

We do always remember these youth of supreme courage who waged a relentless battle against the mighty colonial empire of the British autocrats without possessing even an iota of selfish motive & while sacrificing their mortal aspirations & pleasure for winning the sole sacred cause of gaining freedom for their beloved motherland from the yoke of oppressive regime of imperialism. From among these platoon of revolutionaries, we must proudly pronounce names of three youths of Maharashtra, who stood up to the legacy of this state viz. Anant Kanhere, Krushnaji Karve (Anna) & Vinayak Deshpande.

On 21st December 1909, at the Vijayanand Theatre located at Nasik, Anant Kanhere gave a seriously threatening blow to the awesome British Empire, when he bravely assassinated Jackson, the then Collector of Nasik. Assassination of Jackson was not merely a stray event that sparked off in a single day. After giving a due consideration to many facets this significant chapter of the Indian Movement of Independence, such as why was Jackson assassinated, the circumstantial reasons of this, the logistics of this brave act & most important of all, the mindset of the revolutionaries. We are presenting a Marathi Feature Film, ‘1909’ before all of you. It is our humble desire to portray on silver screen, the sacred memories of Anant Kanhere, Krushnaji Karve (Anna), Vinayak Deshpande & many others.

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