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Laxmi Tujhyavina Marathi Movie Review

Movie: Laxmi Tuzyavina (2014)
Genre: Drama
Critic's Rating★★★★★
Cast: Sanjay Shejwal, Saee Ranade-Sane, Priyanka Dnyanlaxmi
Director: Deepak Kadam
Writer: Satish Telang
Producer: Satish Telang, Vishal Telang
Release: 28 March 2014
Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

The film is set in two periods, 1970 and 2013, and is a tale of reincarnation with a touch of supernatural happenings to it.

'Love never dies' reads the film's tagline and it stands literally true in this case. When Krish ( Sanjay Shejwal) and Radhika's ( Priyanka Dnyanlaxmi) car breaks down outside a village, Krish suddenly starts having visions about being at the place before. The villagers identify him as Dr Satish and take him to an old man's house where his past is unraveled.

It so happens that there used to be a girl named Laxmi ( Saee Ranade-Sane) who was raised in the village by a temple priest and a maulavi (yes, the temple and mosque of the village are located adjacent to each other and both the religious men stay under one roof). On her way to the city she meets Satish and its love at first sight for them. As they get better acquainted, Laxmi encounters a spirit named Shalakha (Priyanka Dnyanlaxmi) who warns her to stay away from Satish because he is the love of her life. Many songs and events later, Satish and Laxmi get married. But there is a catch here. Shalakha's spirit creates problems before the marriage and it takes Goddess Laxmi's intervention to bring things back to normal. How this happens is for the viewers to find out.

If not the story, the shoddy editing, mixing (a scene has a lag of almost five seconds between the video and audio track) and camera work combined with average acting from supporting characters is what kills the film. The film diverts from its subject so many times that you end up confused about what the subject really is. A drunk guy's joking about his wife is introduced to bring and element of comedy to the reincarnation cum romantic cum supernatural plot and this further drags the film.

The only known faces, Sanjay and Saee, get their acts right but are completely wasted in this film that could have been handled in a better way.

Laxmi Tuzyavina Official Trailer
Laxmi Tujhyavina Marathi Movie Review Reviewed by Marathi Celebs on March 31, 2014 Rating: 5

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