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Aandhali Koshimbir | Movie Review

Movie: Aandhali Koshimbir (2014)

Genre : Comedy
Producer : Anuya Mhaiskar
Associate Producer : Sachin Awasthee
Executive Producer : Nitin Vaidya
Production Company : Sudha Productions
Story : Pratap Deshmukh
Screenplay / Dialogues :  Aditya Ingale,  Pratap Deshmukh
Director : Aditya Ingale
Cinematographer :  Pushpank Gawade
Music : Narendra Bhide
Title Song & Background Score : Avinash – Vishwajeet
Lyrics : Vaibhav Joshi
Editor : Pravin Jahagirdar
Sound Designing : Manoj Mochemadkar
Art Director: Siddharth Tatooskar
Star Cast: Ashok Saraf, Vandana Gupte, Anand Ingale, Aniket Vishwasrao, Hemant Dhome, Hrishikesh Joshi, Priya Bapat, Mrunmayee Deshpande
Release Date: 30 May 2014
Ranga and Vasant have to repay the money they owe a small time goon and to do that they decide to mortgage Ranga's house.
Watchable comedies have seen a drop in the Marathi industry in the recent times but 'Andhali Koshimbir' (Blind Man's Buff, literally) is a refreshing exception. Bapu Sadavarte (Ashok Saraf) is a retired serviceman who is not short of money. His only son Ranga (Aniket Vishwasrao) is a brat though. Ranga and Vasant ( Hemant Dhome) owe a goon turned politician Goraksh Bhau ( Hrishikesh Joshi) a huge amount of money but are unable to repay it.

Goraksh takes matters in his hands and gives them a solution. He asks them to gather double the sum they owe him and promises to start a business option for them. Being the fools they are Ranga and Vasant accept the offer but for that they have to mortgage their house. For that, they trick a social worker named Shanta (Vandana Gupte) and Bapu into helping them. Things go out of hand when Shanta and Bapu fall for each other and Ranaga-Vasant's plan goes down the drain. Causing further problems is advocate Marne (Anand Ingale), who is smitten by Shanta.

There are known jokes and some that have been used n number of times in films, but it is the skill of the entire cast that evokes guffaws from the audience. With Hemant, Hrishikesh, Aniket, Priya Bapat, Anand, Mrunmayee Deshpande, Vandana Gupte and the ace in the pack, Ashok Saraf you are sure to go laughing home.

Ashok, Hemant and Vandana deliver punch lines with ease. Aniket struggles at times but pulls his act together quickly. Hrishikesh is gifted with fabulous comic sense and he uses it to the T here. Priya increases the glamour quotient while Mrunmaye does the dumb-blonde act as Shanta's daughter Radhika, with aplomb. 

You might find similarities to 'All The Best' in the story but where the film stands out is in its attention to minute details and nicely scripted dialogues. The argument between Vandana and Ashok when they come face to face is something to watch out for.

Watch it for the confusing story and lovable characters.

[Source: Times of India]

Aandhali Koshimbir Official Trailer
Aandhali Koshimbir | Movie Review Reviewed by Marathi Celebs on May 31, 2014 Rating: 5

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