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Movie Review | Bhakarkhadi 7 KM

Movie: Bhakarkhadi 7 KM (2014)
Genre: Drama
Starring: Aniket Vishvasrao, Renuka Shahane, Veena Jamakar, Apurva Nemalekar, Suyash Tilak, Anant Jog, Girish Oak, Aanand Abhyankar.
Directed By: Umesh Namjoshi
Screenplay By: Umesh Namjoshi and Nandu Pardeshi
Produced By: Chinmay Productions and Manner & Skill Int.Pvt.Ltd.
Release Date: 9th May 2014

A story of a young doctor's struggle to serve the people of a village and reinvent himself.

The film speaks about youngsters' affliction towards going abroad to work instead of bettering the conditions here. Through a doctor's eyes, it shows you the pitiful scenario of medical care in the rural parts of our country and the hesitance of young doctors towards improvement of the same.

With an aim of going out of the country for medical practice, Dr Sameer Deshmukh ( Aniket Vishwasrao) is elated when he receives a call from the Boston medical society to be a fellow at their centre of laparoscopy. His mother Anuradha ( Renuka Shahane) is not very keen about his decision and feels that he can get better opportunities in the country as well. Sameer though, falls in the segment of people who feels that there is no future for them in India as there is no scope of progress here. After assisting his senior on an operation of a kid, the senior doctor puts the patient under his care. When the kid shows signs of internal bleeding, Sameer takes it upon himself to save him but doesn't succeed. The boy's death angers his father Bhujanrao Mohite (Anant Jog) who is a politician and chaos ensues. Sameer faces disciplinary action and is sent to a rural healthcare unit. Initially he doesn't take interest in treating people there but soon realises his duty towards them. Just when things start going smoothly a drastic happening changes Sameer's life completely.

'Bhakarkhadi..' is a story of Sameer's fall and rise in the field of medicine and in the eyes of the society, but at the same time it is a stark and realistic portrayal of the pathetic state of affairs of rural healthcare. Aniket does well albeit at a few places where he seems to slip from his otherwise good performance. Renuka and Suyash Tilak (in the role of a TV reporter named Shekhar) give good performances as well. Veena Jamkar as Renu, a nurse, makes the most of her limited role and her character stays with you later.

Certain technical aspects of the film could have been improved but the subject compensates for these drawbacks.

[Source: Times of India]

Movie Review | Bhakarkhadi 7 KM Reviewed by Marathi Celebs on May 13, 2014 Rating: 5

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