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Movie Review | Ek Hazarachi Note

Movie: Ek Hazarachi Note (2014)
Genre: Drama
Studio: Infinitum Productions
Starring: Usha Naik, Sandeep Pathak, Shrikant Yadav, Ganesh Yadav, Pooja Nayak, Devendra Gaikwad
Directed By: Shrihari Sathe
Written By: Shrikant Bojewar
Produced By: Shrihari Sathe, (Executive Producers: Ranjit Gugle, Shekhar Sathe)
Release Date: 9Th May 2014

An old woman wants to buy clothes for herself and her neighbour from whatever money she has, but fate has a different plan for her.

The Vidarbha region of Maharashtra has been in the news for quite a while due to the issue of farmer suicide. Taking this as the crux of his story, debutant director Shrihari Sathe has weaved a spectacular tale that sheds light on the state of affairs in the rural areas of the region.

Parvati (Usha Naik), fondly called Budhi in the Phoolumbari village, is a frail old woman who works as a maid at people's houses in the village to make ends meet. Though everyone has respect for her, it is the neighbour Sudama (Sandeep Pathak) and his family that Budhi has extreme love for. Sudama is a shepherd who Budhi treats like her son after her real son commits suicide to get rid of a debt which he can't repay. One evening, the local politician Uttamrao Jadhav ( Ganesh Yadav) comes to the village for campaigning and distributes money among the villagers to get them to vote for him. In a bout of generosity, he gives Budhi five thousand rupee notes. Happy on receiving the money, Budhi decided to go to the district place and buy new things. She takes Sudama along but as she tries to get change for the thousand rupee note, bad luck strikes and her happy journey takes an ugly turn.

Keeping every minute detail of the story intact, Shrihari has struck gold with his first film. The cinematography is classy and the background score helps magnifying the beaty of every scene and emotion on the actors' faces. But the ace in the pack is Usha Naik whose mind-blowing performance is sure to evoke sympathy for her character in the viewers' minds. Sandeep Pathak too delivers with excellence and it is good to see him moving away from his stereotyped comic roles.

The movie is scripted well and doesn't stretch, making it a must watch for Usha's effortless acting.

[Source: Times of India]

Ek Hazarachi Note Official Trailer
Movie Review | Ek Hazarachi Note Reviewed by Marathi Celebs on May 13, 2014 Rating: 5

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  1. What I liked best about this movie was the way the story was handled. It is a sad pathetic story of a poor old widow whose son is a farmer who commits suicide as he couldn’t pay off a debt. It is such a dark back story and yet somehow the film doesn’t go to that dark place. I guess Usha Naik’s acting skills deserves as much credit as Shrihari Sathe’s direction. Usha Naik acting to perfection as an old woman who is wise and even though she has hardships she doesn’t let them get her down. Worth watching film!


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