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Pune 52 Officially Releases on YouTube

Director Nikhil Mahajan said, "When we made Pune 52. we all knew that it would be a tough way to get the film into households, despite of a wide theatrical release, because of the 'bold' content of the film. We worked and toiled day and night, very smartly, to keep the film off piracy for the longest time. But now, we know that there is an audience out there, raring to watch the film, waiting for a long time. We have ended our humble, but decent festival run, and we together took a brave decision of putting the film out there, on the beautiful Internet so that anyone who wants to see the film, can see the film, for free. Here's Pune 52, for anyone who wants to watch it again, or has been wanting to watch it, or missed it when it came into the theatre. It's here, OFFICIALLY, in full HD glory.

You don't have to buy a ticket. You don't have to spend a single penny. All we would request you to do, is spread the word. Get as many people as possible to watch our labour of love. A film, that is in many aspects special."

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