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Candle March (2014)

Movie : Candle March (2014)
Genre : Social
Producor : Anjali and Nilesh Gawade
Director : Sachin Dev
Studio : Chanakya Creations in association with K4 Enterprises
StarCast : Tejaswini Pandit, Smita Tambe, Manava Naik and Sayali Sahastrbudhye, Ashish Pathade, Nilesh Diwekar
Writer : Sachin Darekar
Music : Amitraj
Lyrics : Mandar Cholkar
Screenplay & Dialogues : Sachin Darekar and Sachin Dev
Cinematography : Raja Satankar
Art : Santosh Phutane
Release Date : 5 December 2014

Set on the backdrop of crimes against women, ‘Candle March’ begins with an attack on a young collegian Sakshi Kanhere (Saili Sahasrabudhe). Sakhi is kidnapped and raped by street side young goons, only because she slaps one of them at a Bus stop for making advances towards her. She is not only raped by these four hoodlums at a construction site during night hours; but, one of them also throws acid on her face.

When the criminals run away in a taxi; it hits another taxi close to the site, hired by Anurata Joglekar (Tejaswini Deshpande), who is herself a victim of Jalgaon Sex Scandal and now a professor in a Mumbai college. When Anurata spots this girl lying in semi unconscious state, she admits her to hospital. Anurata, who has seen the face of taxi driver Sadiq (Nilesh Divekar) running away with the culprits; helps the police to draw his sketch.

In comes Vidya (Manva Naik), a news channel reporter, to cover this news and thus begins this sensational story to seek justice against cruelty to women. It is not only Sakhi and Anurata, who are real victims of rape; but there is also Vidya, who is sexually harassed by her Boss at workplace. Then there is Shabana, wife of Sadiq the taxi driver, involved in Sakhi’s rape case, also falling in the same category.

Story writer Sachin Darekar and director Sachin Deo have cleverly linked their stories with each other, to offer this hard hitting and sensational screenplay of the film. The film covers all these realistic happenings very effectively till interval. But, immediately after interval, the pace is lost; as there is wastage of time on some scenes on Sakhi’s boyfriend whom Prof. Anurata reminds of his duties, then Sakhi’s parents trying to withdraw the case, Shabana carrying food for her criminal husband at his hideout and so on. As a result, there is very less time given to the important happenings in the concluding part of the film, out of which Prof. Anurata takes 5 to 7 minutes to defend herself against the allegations made by Human Rights Commission.

At the end of the film, there is a clear message to amend the constitution so that the rapists are given the most strict punishment. The director has cleverly sequenced the scenes to create a deep impact on the audience. Performances by all the main characters are simply superb. Newcomer Sayali Sahasrabudhe, who has played a rape victim, makes a good debut. Smita, Manva & Tejaswini perfectly suit into their respective roles. Sadiq played by Nilesh Divekar and Police Officer played by Rajendra Shirsatkar look very natural. There are many familiar faces of television playing different character roles. One of them is Amol Bavdekar, with a totally different look. There isn't much scope for music in this film; but background music is impressive and so is the cinematography by Raja Satankar.  All in all, in spite of few drawbacks,  ‘Candle March’ is a well presented timely film. It certainly shows the way to fight injustice on women.

Candle March (2014) Reviewed by Marathi Celebs on December 06, 2014 Rating: 5

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