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Shreyas Talpade Summoned To Court In Cheque Bouncing Case

Shreyas Talpade summoned to court in a cheque bouncing case; actor insists that the complainant is trying to 'extort' money.

Shreyas Talpade, producer of one of this year's highest grossing Marathi film Poshter Boyz was seen attending the 33rd Magistrate Court at Ballard Pier, along with wife Dipti. He was taken to court by one of the VFX companies attached to the film over a dispute relating to payment and credits. The dispute is between Jash Shah of Kaichi Productions and the Talpades, who are directors of their company, Affluence Movies.

Shah in his complaint, represented by his lawyer Tushar Gujjar of Solicis Lex, states that Talpade had availed of his company's VFX services for Poshter Boyz but later defaulted on the payment and didn't give them credit.

Shreyas Talpade, however, denies this vehemently and says that Shah is using arm twisting techniques to defame him, "The name of the company was excluded from the film's credits because they did a shoddy job. As producer, it's my prerogative to decide whose name goes in the credits," Shreyas told.

The complaint says that initially the amount agreed between the parties was Rs 7 lakh, which was later brought down to Rs 5.5 lakh. "After the release of the movie on August 1, 2014, the directors of the company failed and neglected to pay the rest of the consideration amount and also failed to clear the service tax amount in the invoice," the complaint states.

Shreyas Talpade countered this by saying, "Firstly, the cheque bounced not because of insufficiency of funds, but because of a technical glitch in the date line. As soon as they alerted me about this, I issued another cheque which was promptly cleared."

But Shah alleges that a payment of Rs 50,000 bounced, saying that it left him with no option but to file a case against Talpade.

The case was filed in October and later the court issued summons against the Shreyas & Deepti Talpade. The matter came up for hearing yesterday. Shreyas & Deepti were present in court and were asked to furnish a cash bail bond of Rs 5000 each.

Shreyas Talpade says that he has cleared payments amounting to Rs 4 crore, so there is no reason why he would hold back a few thousands more.

He reasons, "They came at 1:30 am and told me to pay them right away. They knew the print had to go to the lab the next day for the VFX. It was blackmail and I am appalled by their unprofessional attitude. I'm not going to 'settle' this but will fight it out in court."

When contacted, Shah's lawyer, Tushar Gujjar refused to comment saying the matter is subjudice.

Shah is now asking the Talpades that apart from the Rs 50,000, they should also clear the balance payment of Rs 1,23,013 which had been agreed upon in the beginning.
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