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Timepass-2 Review

timepass 2 movie review story plot
In Timepass-2, the original freshness of the story is being replaced by the father daughter sentiments, which seems to be unnecessary breaking the nerve of the film. The main lead Dagdu is a grown up guy who has turned a hero in his neighborhood doing all the Tapori acts. On the other side, Prajakta is seen living with her father in the interiors of Konkan.

Soon, you find Prajakta moving to Mumbai to pursue her dreams. Praju seems to be an item girl called Urvashi. The educated girl treading this rot path is answered much later. Soon, you find Urvashi returning to Praju meeting Dagdu and everything the two turns better reviving the lost love between the two.

However, Praju’s father still consider education to be the prime qualification. Dagdu’s father decides to meet Praju’s father and tell the truth abou Dagdu. Thus begins the melodrama between Praju and her father. Dagdu rejects the idea of fleeing away and getting married until he gets the blessings of Praju’s father. This can somewhere give you the storyline of DDLJ.

Timepass-2 Review Reviewed by Marathi Celebs on May 01, 2015 Rating: 5

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