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Mr. and Mrs. Sadachari (2016)

Movie : Mr & Mrs Sadachari (2016)
Genre  : Drama
Producer : Utpal Acharya and Ashish Wagh
Director : Ashish Wagh
Studio : Indian Films Studio
Star Cast : Vaibhav Tatwawdi, Prarthana Behere, Mohan Joshi, Vijay Andalkar, Uma Sardeshmukh, Uday Nene, Sumukhi Pendse, Prasad Jawde
Screenplay : Pravin Vitthal Tarde
Music : Pankaj Padghan and V. Harikrishna
Lyrics : Omkar Mangesh Datt, Guru Thakur and Pranit Kulkarni
Dialogues : Pravin Vitthal Tarde
Director of Photography : Balajee Rangha
Choreographer : Hferoz A Khan and Subhash Nakashe
Make Up : Mahesh Barate
Art Director : Mahesh Salgaonkar
Editor : Mayur Hardas
Creative Director : Ankur Kakatkar
Executive Producer : Rahul Mulgund
Line Producer : Indian Film Studios
Release Date : 8th January 2016

The movie is about a hot-headed guy Sadachari. He goes to an extent to get Shivaji tattooed on his chest. Due to his waywardness, his relationship with his father will be spoiled to an extent where the father and son cant stand each other. Sadachari's father prefers his elder son, who is docile and studious. He hardly goes to college and mostly hangs out with his friends. On one of his rare visits to college, he encounters Prarthana who is being ragged and its love at first sight. Prarthana falls for him too. Its beautiful first few days for the lovers and they decide to get married. Eventually, problems start creeping in their relation and they break up. Sadachari's agrees to marry a girl his father chose to save his honor and hearing this Prarthana attempts suicide. Later Prarthana agrees to marry a guy her mom chose. Both marriages are set on same date and in same town. Both the marriages are managed by same wedding planners, who mixes up the photos of Bride and groom, leading to comic situations. On the day of marriage, Sadachari gets his fiancé married to her boyfriend. At the same time hearing that Sadachari broke his marriage, Prarthana too breaks her marriage and unites with Sadachari.

Mr. and Mrs. Sadachari (2016) story, plot, cast, trailer

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